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We’re Getting Another 'Yellowstone' Spin-Off With '1932'

As if Taylor Sheridan didn’t have enough on his plate in the YellowstoneUniverse, there’s yet another show on the way about the Dutton family history. Of course, 1883follows the Duttons' humble beginnings crossing the Oregon trail, and the flagship Yellowstonefollows the present-day Duttons as they struggle to hold onto their family ranch, and you know, avoid getting killed.

As for 1932, the show is bound to follow the lives of the Dutton generation still well before the present day, but significantly more contemporary than 1883. The expansion of the Yellowstone world makes sense when you realize, according to Entertainment Weekly, 1883is Paramount+’s most-watched television series to date. (In case you forgot what happened in the first season, we've got recaps for you to stay up to date.) It looks like the network is putting all their bets on Mr. Sheridan and his cowboys.

So if you’re a huge Yellowstonefan, congrats! Not only do you have Season 5 of the original show on the way, but there’s definitely going to be more 1883, and now at least one more entirely new series to watch (there's also the rumored 6666 series that the main show seemed to spin Jimmy off to, but we're still waiting for official word on that one). Plus, if 1932is anything like its previous two iterations, it’ll have a talented cast (Kevin Costner leads Yellowstone, and Tim McGraw, Sam Elliott, and Faith Hill star in 1883). And with all that in the works, who knows? We could have year-round cowboy TV to keep us going.

Here’s everything we know about 1932, the new Yellowstonespin-off series.

When Is the 1932Release Date?

Since it’s just been announced, there’s no word yet on when the show will air. But, it’ll more than likely end up on Paramount+—probably within a year or so of now—when it does premiere.

What will 1932be about?

The show will definitely follow the Dutton family as they establish their farm and work to secure their legacy. There’s sure to be tie-ins to 1883, and of course, we can expect one of the main characters to be John Dutton’s father.


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