Bebe Rexha Rocks A Bikini While On Vacay In Hawaii—And Her Abs Are Beyond Fierce 🔥_freckle in eye removal

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Bebe Rexha Rocks A Bikini While On Vacay In Hawaii—And Her Abs Are Beyond Fierce 🔥

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  • Bebe RexhaAmerican singer
  • Bebe Rexhais living her best life in Hawaii and she's got the Instagram photo dump to prove it.

  • In a slew of new snaps, the 32-year-old "I'm a Mess" singeris rocking a floral-print string bikini—and I can't get my eyes off her ultra-toned abs. They're absolutely sculpted!

  • Bebe, who works out with trainer Jeanette Jenkins, loves to box. She also stays in shape by going on regular runs and doing Pilates.

We're pretty sure Bebe Rexha had the best Valentine's Day any gal could have.

The 32-year-old singer spent the day posted up at the beach in O'ahu, Hawaii, getting in some amazing sun and celebrating her body in a floral bikini—paired with a matching sarong and chunky gold chains that included a red heart charm. (She was there to announce that she will be a guest mentor on the new season of American Idolfor its 20th season.)

"Happy Valentine’s Day from Hawai’i love you 💋💋💋," she captioned the photo dump.

Paris Hilton left her a "😍." And the post was practically spammed with "🔥🔥🔥" galore.

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When she's not lounging on the beach, Bebe loves to work hard in the gym with her personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins. Bebe explained to Health that she and Jeanette love to switch things up. “One day we’ll do yoga; one day we’ll do Pilates,” she said. “We can run one day or box, which is my favorite. When I go to different places, I’ll try to run or go to the gym—or I’ll take cycling classes or boxing classes wherever I am.”

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And of course, she likes to get active outdoors by going on bike rides.

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