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Q&A: What can Canada take away from Denmark's 'done with COVID' approach?Denmark health officials say they no longer consider COVID-19 "a socially critical disease" and have lifted most of their pandemic restrictions. But one epidemiologist says Canada should not take a similar approach.

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The Scandinavian country no longer considers COVID-19 'a socially critical disease'

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While our vaccination rates are high and they are comparable to Denmark, I think they should be higher. So my answer really is no, I don't think Canada should be going this way. 

  • Communities with low incomes, immigrants, essential workers hardest hit by COVID-19: study
  • More racially diverse areas reported much higher numbers of COVID-19 deaths: StatsCan 

I don't think it's appropriate to download the responsibility of public health management onto the individual. Eventually, it will be. We'll get there eventually, but to do so all at once while removing restrictions, while giving up on vaccination, while we're still in the midst of a pretty serious wave, strikes me as an unfortunate thing to be considering. 

Q:I know these are early days in the relaxed measures in Denmark. What can we learn, if anything, from what's going on in Denmark right now? 

A: Well, we can learn to expect an extremely high rise in cases and hospitalizations and deaths if we were to take that same path.

We will also learn that a large number of people will believe that their life has come back. And for a very large number, it will be true. 

But we cannot lose sight of the fact that for an important proportion of individuals, there will be untoward suffering. So we have to ask ourselves a values-based question, which is: Are we the kind of society that wants to take care of that proportion that is going to be suffering unduly? Or are we the kind of society that wants our lifestyle back at all costs? 

This is an important moment in Canadian history. We have to decide upon the nature of our society and the values with which we wish to go forward into this world. 

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